Love, Dating and Flirting

So I have a tiny confession, I have never had a serious relationship or been in love. Ever.  Some people would say it’s because my natural aversion to normal activities like going to bars and attempting to make new friends that has kept any serious relationships from happening. But I think it’s a mix of... Continue Reading →

Do You Smell Smoke?

I recently read something on Facebook from one of my dearest friends. It was a post she had written about how new mothers have certain ideas for their children and how perfectly behaved their going to be and it really got me thinking. To quote her: “When someone who is pregnant with or has their... Continue Reading →

100% in my Head

I’m a very internal person.  90% of what I think and feel all goes on in an internal, long running monologue I have going nearly 24/7.  With me only verbalizing what I think is ‘most important.’ How do I reach the conclusion of what is worthy of verbalizing? Well that answer is simple. I think... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Life

I have a problem.  It’s a problem I’ve struggled with since I was about 13 and it always seems to be at its peak in the summer.  And that problem is if there is a freak in the crowd they will find me and when they find me they have one of 3 responses. -She’s... Continue Reading →


So I've batted around the idea of what my first blog post should be. Should it be an introduction post? Something inspirational like a childhood story about overcoming a school yard bully...nah none of that seems right. Instead I'm gonna tell you about my recent gardening experience.

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