Vacation Tales

Do you ever go on vacation and have such a great time that you forget how to be…your responsible adult self when you come back.  I feel like that’s been my life the pass couple weeks. It started with me going up to La Port in good old California and spent the weekend there with a few members of my family then came back got super sick to the point I wound up in the emergency room and had to be pulled from work for nearly a week then had to get back into the grind of life only to turn around the next weekend and go to Fort Bragg.  Now I have to go back to good old responsibility and adulting nonsense.  So bear with me as I settle back in.  I tell you one thing vacation is good for is creativity.  I came back so relaxed and full of creative ideas and energy. Which brings me to this post I just wanted to share a nice kind of funny story about the picture at the top of this post.

As I said earlier I spent last weekend in Fort Bragg.  Now fun fact number one, I love the ocean seriously you ever want to see me become a less cynical person take me to the ocean.  I just feel this amazing relaxation and peace when it comes to it. I also feel this overwhelming urge to get as close to it as possible without actually getting in it. So we went to this area where you could stay on the edge of this parking spot and take pictures/ just enjoy the view or if you had some stamina and where feeling daring you could take a path down to the lower level of this cliff and get closer to the water. I of course wanted to get closer so after spending 15ish minutes trying to find the best way not so much to get down but to come back up (I’m short as shit and fat too, down is easy up is always a challenge), I climbed down there. And started climbing over rocks and plotting ever step to get as close as I could. Snapping pictures all the way as made my way closer and closer suddenly I heard a voice I’m all too familiar with “HEY!.” I want to start off by saying my mother is the loudest person I have ever met in my life. Seriously rock stars need microphones my mom just needs to get enough air in her lungs and she be heard for miles.  That’s why she’s the official child caller for the kids in my family when we go camping. She’s the only one who they can hear from far away and if they can’t then they wondered too far. She is also afraid of two things in her life heights like cliffs and tall buildings and me getting hurt in anyway. So when I heard this hey I immediately like a small child and not the grown woman nearly in her 30s that I am turned to find her on at the upper part of cliff. She waggled her finger (which I’m pretty sure is mom code for ‘not another step further’) and I rolled my eyes but didn’t move any closer to the cliffs edge despite the call I was feeling in my bones to do so and instead explored the area that wasn’t close to a direst drop into the ocean.  When I grew bored I went back up and sat beside her on a log teasing her for her fear of heights and she teased me back that I obviously didn’t read any of the safety signs around any of the beaches we went too.

I don’t know why this sticks out the most out of everything we did there.  But I can say I think I’m able to be so ‘brave’ when we go on our adventures is because I know without a shadow of a doubt that my mom will never let me come to any deadly harm. Even if it means occasionally setting boundaries of where her adult daughter can explore.

I hope this made you smile even a little bit and if it did be sure to check out some of my other blog post. Have a good one and until next time.20170924_094117

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