So I’ve batted around the idea of what my first blog post should be. Should it be an introduction post? Something inspirational like a childhood story about overcoming a school yard bully…nah none of that seems right. Instead I’m gonna tell you about my recent gardening experience.

I grew weeds in my front yard, for months. Now I feel its important to add (if only so i don’t look like a complete idiot.) I don’t care for vegetables, no scratch that I don’t care for plants. I get it their great for the environment, oxygen/carbon dioxide all the jazz but I’m just not a plant person and as such Everything I learn is basically from google. I know what your thinking whats all this have to do with weeds? Well give me a moment I’m painting a picture here people.

Now if you lived in California from late fall to early spring, you know we got a lot of rain. Reservoir damaging, evacuating numerous counties for about 2 weeks kind of rain. My home was not prepared for this kind of rain and because of this 9/10 times there were large, deep puddles sitting right against my home. This quickly moved to the top of my list of things to fix, once the eternal rain stopped. I got dirt from off my aunts property from what was her garden bed from last season. soon after these small plants started to grow.

When I asked my aunt what had grown in the section I got the dirt from she said Okra and just to confirm I hopped on the old trusting Goggle to double check and was satisfied that, that was what they were. So not wanting my new plant friends to die a horrible death, I started to care for them. Making sure they got water checked on them and they started to grow fast. Finally I got suspicious it’d been months and nothing was really happening. so I finally texted my aunt a picture of my plants and its not okra…

I’ve been tending and growing weeds…Mother Nature trolled me hard. I think it’s best that I just keep gardening to the plant people.

I hope this made you smile and if you liked it be sure to follow me for more dumb ass stories like these..



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