Home Chef Review

For probably a good six months I've been incredibly interested in the meal delivery services that seem to be becoming incredibly popular here in the last couple years. Recently (about March) I gathered up the courage to actually follow through with one called Home Chef. PRICE: I should start off by saying that I got... Continue Reading →


           I had a whole different blog post that I was working on but I couldn't seem to make myself satisfied with it and this other idea wouldn't seem to leave my head.           I always told myself I'd wait to tell the story behind the reason as to why I wanted to get healthy... Continue Reading →

You,Me and Anxiety 

          When I was younger I lived under the assumption that if you had a mental illness of disorder it was just something you where born with. How naïve I was. It never for even a second occurred to me that I would one day be 21/22 years old and experiencing... Continue Reading →


Since its October or as I like to call it Halloween season I though the perfect post would be about my fears. I have pretty basic fears like clowns and bugs but I feel like a few of my fears are a perfect match to my personality, see I’m a weird mix of realist/cynic and... Continue Reading →

Vacation Tales

Do you ever go on vacation and have such a great time that you forget how to be…your responsible adult self when you come back.  I feel like that’s been my life the pass couple weeks. It started with me going up to La Port in good old California and spent the weekend there with... Continue Reading →

Love Your Self

I’ve been thinking a lot about body positivity and knowing your worth.  Maybe it’s because I’ve started following a lot of kick ass women on Instagram, and every time I get on it I get to see some bomb ass women owning their bodies and spreading super positive messages about loving yourself. Maybe it’s because... Continue Reading →

Miss Me?

Do you miss me? I hate this sentence or any combination of it.  This question to me is like when a teacher used to ask me where my father was on parent’s night. Its about to get really uncomfortable for the both of us, because you’re not gonna like the answer and I’m not going... Continue Reading →

6 Random Facts About Me

I have issues with money No I’m not a shopaholic or anything like that. When I say I have issues with money I mean everything I do, every decision I make is all to insure that I will one day have enough money to live a relatively comfortable life. I’m not looking to be rich... Continue Reading →

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